Web 2.0 is the latest and greatest craze concerning internet technology. So you’re probably wondering what web 2.0 is? More than likely, you think it relates to some version of software, right? Web 2.0 is actually a marketing term to generate buzz around several different emerging internet technologies. Web 2.0 is not a term that describes any one single software tool. Here are some of the activities that can be accomplished using various web 2.0 tools: blogging, social bookmarking , podcasting (i.e. video and audio file sharing) just to name a few. Web 2.0 is actually more than just a few web based software tools. Web 2.0 also describes a new culture of internet users. Users that aren’t just accessing internet media or surfing the Web, but are also contributing to provide feedback on existing media and adding new media. Before Web 2.0, the large media sources controlled the media that the internet population accessed.

Now anyone with an internet connection can contribute. The importance of media topics are now decided by the masses instead of just a few. Blogging and RSS feeds allow the common internet user to distribute their news message economically compared to television and radio advertising.

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